Mission Statement

Tyburn Academy of Mary Immaculate provides a quality college preparatory education in the Catholic tradition. Students are instructed in the classic liberal arts and sciences. The Board of Directors and faculty share a unity of purpose with parents to foster the intellectual and moral development of students. Christian values are the foundation basic to all our endeavors and they form the principles to which Tyburn Academy adheres.

"The various school subjects do not present only knowledge to be attained, but also values to be acquired and truths to be discovered."  
              -The Catholic School on the Threshold of Third Millennium #14
"This vocation (teaching) demands special qualities of mind and heart, very careful preparation, and continuing readiness to renew and adapt."
                                               -Declaration on Christian Education #5

Curriculum Statement

 Tyburn Academy offers a college preparatory curriculum rooted in the classical liberal arts and math & sciences which allows each student to excel at a level supporting his/her academic abilities. We provide a rigorous course of studies where students can experience the joy of learning and the reward of perseverance. We welcome all students regardless of their academic needs that are willing to take responsibility for their learning and whose parental support reinforces the goals and virtues taught in the classroom. Our classrooms are a familial place where each student is known by his or her peers and teachers. Our ultimate goal is to develop in each student the life abilities for critical thinking, effective communication, academic & social leadership, spiritual growth & self confidence to succeed in their vocations and college & career choices.

In addition to the standards set by the state of New York for each subject we offer CCC credit, honors and AP courses.  All students are also required to take courses in Theology, Latin, Logic, Philosophy, Art & Music/Choir.  

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Philosophy of Education

We believe that the most important mission we have is to know, love, and serve Christ through the education of our students.
We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children and that our role is to help in fostering the intellectual, spiritual, and moral development of each child as in individual.
We believe in creating an environment based on respect for each individual as a child of God; where students, teachers, and parents can cultivate their life-long desire for learning.
We believe that the role of the teacher is to be a model of virtue and learning whose main objective is to engage the students by facilitating conversation in a structured classroom environment allowing students to discover what is true and then form the arguments to defend it.

We believe that a curriculum rich in Classic Literature & Classic Language, Theology & Philosophy, Fine Arts & Sciences, Music & History combined with Regents and AP courses gives our students the greatest opportunity to discover and succeed in following the path that God has set for them. 
We believe that by promoting the highest ideals of scholarship, citizenship, sportsmanship, integrity, and moral development we are providing our students with a priceless and unparalleled education that will last a lifetime.