International Student Exchange Program

Since 2003, Tyburn has played host to 50 exchange students from 16 different countries all over the world.  Most recently, the students have come through International Fellowship, one of over 300 organizations which place foreign students in high schools throughout the United States.

Students who come range in age from 15-18.  Some have finished high school at home; others leave Tyburn after a year of study and return to finish school in their home countries.  All must have studied English, and are required to take a full course of study here.   English and American History are required of all exchange students.  They are also required to integrate fully into their American schools, participating in clubs and athletics, and at Tyburn, in Community Service.  All exchange students at Tyburn, regardless of age, are placed with the Senior Class so that they may participate in senior class activities and be part of our graduation ceremony.  Ten of the 45 students who have studied at Tyburn have returned to the United States to attend college, at such universities as Michigan, Rice, Brigham Young, Indiana, Wisconsin, TCU and Wells.

Exchange students are placed with host families for the year.  Host families may have children at Tyburn, but it is not necessary; several of the exchange students have been placed with families which have no children, grown children, or children at other schools.  Host families must go through an application process and background check.  It is very important that the school and host families understand that the students are not treated as guests, but are totally integrated into their families, participating in family meals, household chores, holidays, religious observances, and other activities.   Exchange students pay all their own personal expenses; host families are responsible only for room and board.

Through the customs and ideas that the exchange students bring to Tyburn, our students have had their eyes opened to both similarities and differences between our country and those in Europe, Asia, and Central and South America.